How to get the most out of your training sessions

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

1. Show up early to stretch or warm-up on cardio equipment.

2. Stay later to do some cardio. Fact is, we don’t start burning into our fat storages until 30 min into working out! So staying that extra period of time helps boost our fat burning process.

3. Don’t skip reps! The workout is designed specifically by rounds and reps. Skipping reps is only cheating yourself. You will not get the full benefit of the training.

4. Ask questions! Learn as much as you can! Don’t be afraid to ask gym staff or friendly member for help! There are no bad questions!

5. Follow the meal plans- there is no point to kicking your butt in the gym if you’re not also kicking yourbutt with the eating.

6. Commitment=results. Try not to miss plannedworkouts. If you do miss, try to reschedule yourself and stick to that planned time!

7. Have Fun! If you are positive the workout will go by much faster than being negative or whining!

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