Your personality and your workout - do they match?

Updated: Dec 22, 2019

If you’re an introvert:

You probably like exercise for its quiet, head-clearing benefits. For introverts is best to choose exercises like running, one-on-one personal training, rock climbing, or mind-body disciplines like yoga. Mind-body exercise is non-judgmental in nature and is more process-oriented versus goal- or performance-oriented.

If you’re an extrovert:

High-energy workouts like HIIT, bootcamp classes, or small group personal training are right up your alley. So too are fitness meet ups, like our stadium Saturdays, or pop-up classes around town. Joining activities like these help you draw energy from others and create a camaraderie for accountability with each other.

Sun City Athletic Club offers something for every type of workout style...

If you're an introvert Sun City is great for you because we offer open gym where you can just come in and workout on your own, or you can set up sessions with our personal trainers to ve one-on-one and have guidance in the gym.

If you're an extrovert we offer many different activities for you to get involved in such as the stadium workouts, small group training, bootcamp classes, and fun parties like our annual ugly Christmas sweater party.

If you'd like more information on how you can get set up in any of these activities, contact us at

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